James Kennedy

These paintings address a fascination with essential structures and arrangements, whilst exploring the linguistics of music, mathematics, dance and architecture. Pattern recognition and manipulation are common themes that involve the resolution of space within my own abstract vocabulary; in essence, solving self-inflicted spatial equations with paint.

There are no drawings or pre-meditated layouts prior to commencement of each work, they tend to flow as if in a stream of conscience and “playing the obstacles” is an integral part of the artistic process. The initial tone-fields are formed somewhat randomly but subliminally steer the structure of each work toward completion.



34 x 34"
Acrylic polymer on Incised Eucalyptus Masonite,
Walnut Tray Frame

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43 x 43"
Acrylic polymer on Incised Eucalyptus Masonite,
White Tray Frame

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