Abstract Expressions
March 18 - May 14, 2016
@ Evolutionary Healthcare
461 E 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Chris Trueman
(Gestural Abstraction)

Chris Trueman draws on Op Art and Abstract Expressionism for his distinct style that references graffiti and digital art. “I make paintings based on the premise that the sum of two contradicting experiences does not cancel out but creates a whole separate experience unto itself,” he says. 

Molly Morin 
(Digital / Data Abstraction)

In generating the images, I consider a given text and interpret it through the lens of a contemporary experience. My interpretation is highly procedural. These pieces are labored over as spreadsheets, text files, and thousands of lines of computer code. They require far more keystrokes than brushstrokes. Shape, tonal variation, and illusions of depth within the surfaces are built exclusively from fine, dark, straight lines. However, from this highly ordered starting point, my intention is to produce works that are physical, tactile, and more nuanced than conventional screen-based graphics. 
Darrell Roberts - Tasty Sensation

Wesley Neal Rasko
(Geometric Abstraction)

Inspiration: a divine guidance or influence exerted directly on one’s mind and soul; a certain stimulation or arousal. I feel most inspired from traveling, experiencing different places, cultures, traditions and values. Contrastingly, I love both nature (growing up so close to the Rocky Mountains where I spent a great deal of my childhood hiking and skiing) and urban centres including Vancouver, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Hong Kong, New York and Sydney. They each offer something diametrically different and it is this contrast which inspires me the most.  more

These paintings address a fascination with essential structures and arrangements, whilst exploring the linguistics of music, mathematics, dance and architecture. Pattern recognition and manipulation are common themes that involve the resolution of space within my own abstract vocabulary; in essence, solving self-inflicted spatial equations with paint. more

Martin Rosol
(Geometric / Minimalist Abstraction)

Influenced most by architectural studies, Martin's sculptures, in the words on one admirer, are "works of elegant design and craftsmanship"

His glass sculptures are multi-dimensional, some surfaces clear, some opaque. The results are "monuments to light".


Joey Slaughter
(Geometric, Hard-Edge Abstraction)

My paintings and constructions investigate the “look” of digital information as it is transmitted around us.   The main idea is to create abstractions from conversations if you could see sound waves from analog and digital devices passing through and around people. I imagine it to be very chaotic, yet beautiful. more


Jeff Wallin
(Figurative Abstraction)

I begin each piece as a quick sketch from a model, working directly with glass powders on a glass sheet surface. Each new work is itself an experiment, the first impression developed and pushed to a final form. The work is driven to completion as part of a dialogue, which begins as a response to the model and then develops in unexpected ways. The intent is to maintain an attitude of spontaneity and preserve the raw moment when the piece first beganmore

Rachel Hellmann
(Geometric Abstraction)

My early education as an artist taught me the care for craft, love of tools and pride in working with my hands. This history led to my interest in painting as an object— something that occupies a space in a more physical and asks to be experienced from multiple locations within that space. I explore how perception is affected by the interplay of geometry, light and color.  The geometric language of bars, grids and linear repetitions echoes the methodical process I use. These simplified elements, combined with subtle gradations of color, create a play with perception and a vibration between the logical and the poeticmore

Darrell Roberts - Tasty Sensation

Darryl Roberts
(Gestural Abstraction)

The ever-changing landscape and structures of the metropolis inspire my work. Over the years I have documented the gardens, the skyline, the people and construction sites of cities around the world. All these elements and textures influence my work. My interest is in sensory overload and stimulation.  The pace of people, traffic and hectic life make it easier for me to notice the subtle changes of textures, colors, forms and light as I move through the city. These changes quickly catch my eye and give me a moment to restmore

Madeleine Wories
(Chromatic, Gestural Abstraction)

A printmaker and painter of Dutch heritage.Currently, she is concentrating fully on painting, both abstracts and landscapes/seascapes, as well as the occasional collage work or mixed media pieces. Her abstracts evolve through an ongoing dialogue with the painting, acting and reacting to the process intuitively. In the spirit of abstract expressionism, through colour, shape, line, marks, gesture and movement, she strives to find that balance between control and spontaneity where intention and unpredictability convergemore

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