Permission was a major part of the work I was able to create for the Stable Inhabitants of a Changing World series. It could not have been done without it. It would be like stealing another's creative thoughts. Which is why I asked permission from the Eames Office. I was told that it was because of the integrity of my asking that allowed me this permission to complete five sculptures. In return, I promised to break the molds after 5/5.

Stable Inhabitants of a Changing World seems more relevant now than ever in our fast moving world. That one gesture, of asking permission, opened up a lot of doors. Similar to the first time I saw the Eames lounge chair at the age of 23. It was in the home of a writer in Philadelphia.
I was awed at what a creative and inventive piece, it was like nothing else i had ever seen. It opened up all other possibilities and became a moment of liberation that changed my life. So, in remaining faithful to that moment, I resurrected it and interpreted some other Mid-century icons in my own way. I wanted to share my truth with tradition and revolution.

Painstaking efforts were made to keep the honesty of design and the creative instinct to honor a simple moment of deliverance. Over 30 molds were made to arrive at the first sculpture, three years from receiving approval. By creating this idea through sculpture, I hope the viewer can be persuaded to slow down and compelled to look and remember. In the end, it is between the artwork and the viewer anyway, isn't it.



Small Bean Bag
Stainless Steel
24 x 28"
2 of 5 - $30,000.

L arge Bean Bag
Stainless Steel
24 x 36"
1 of 5 - $32,500.

Eames Chair
Stainless Steel
33 x 31 x 33"
5 of 5 - $95,000.

Marshmallow Sofa
Stainless Steel
32 x 4' 5" x 33"
2 of 5 - $45,000.

Swan Chair
Stainless Steel
29 x 27"
5 of 5 - $55,000.

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