Michele Francis

Inspired by light and architecture I came up with my Chrome Series.  I was inspired by the way light interacts with space how it surrounds the environment. Simply put I have an admiration for the power of natural light. 
 The pieces are structured to add a dimension to light by reflecting off the sculpture as well as the color reflecting more outwardly, while absorbing the power of light. 

 People can also interact with the pieces, surrounded by the color as it reflects off them, as they 'become the color'  having a new sensory experience. In observing the reflection of color in the chrome there is also a sense of another dimension, a feeling of infinity. My vision is to impact space with color; I see the works on a larger scale creating sublime illumination.


Michele Francis, Chrome Reflections from Tom Powel Imaging on Vimeo.


Chrome Yellow
17 x 23"
mixed media

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Chrome Blue
9 x 8"
mixed media
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