Simone Kestelman

Simone Kestelman was born and raised in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has a BA in Economics from University Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro.

            Simone started working with ceramics when she was seven, and dedicated her free time to arts. In 1993 she moved to Sao Paulo and, in 1995, after her second child was born, she decided to dedicate her life exclusively to her artistic career.  Her first solo exhibition was in 1998, at Sergio Caribe Gallery. Other exhibitions include the A Hebraica Gallery (1999/2011), the Parahauss Contemporary Art Glass, and international exhibits in Boca Raton-US and Chile.

             When she first came into contact with glass in 2008, her artistic production and her career changed. After receiving trainament at The Pilchuck Glass School, Eugene Glass School, Corning Museum, and spending hours experimenting, Simone achieved a high technical standard with fusing, casting and cold work. Simone’s work now can be found in the permanent collection of the Newark Museum of Art, private collections in Brazil and Europe. Simone is currently working on a project for a Brazilian Museum in Sao Paulo.

solo exhibition, "Cantigas", 
opened at MuBE in Brazil
October 19, 2013




ceramic, 18 x 24 inches diameter
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