I have so many memories that make me smile from spending my childhood days underneath a tree.
I rested, chatted and hung out with my friends in the shade of the tree.
I remember those days so clearly.
One day in autumn, we wrote on the fallen leaves and made promises to each other.
“Ten years later we will meet at this tree again.”
I believed that like our promise is eternal, so is the tree.
More than ten years later I returned to find that there is nothing left.
I cannot see any trace of ourselves, our promises, or my friends.
I just stayed there alone and remembered those times.



Steel Stool
Patinated Steel
18 h x 13 dia.

Stump Stool
27.65 h x 19.65 dia.

Stump Stool 2
19.7 x 11.8" diameter

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