Jaime Brett Treadwell

I am intrigued by my social surroundings ranging from small neighborhood cultural identities to grander differences among rural, urban, and suburban life. I find pleasure merging conflicting imagery, design, and color. I often use vivid cheerful colors to masquerade or obscure the realities within my paintings. Recent paintings suggest gypsy-like carnival communities isolated from others, prepared to travel, re-settle, and re-create their own versions of utopia. I fuse imagery from various time periods and cultures to construct a communal habitat for religious icons, fairies, cherubs, nymphs, dancers, and prostitutes that appear to live in a world of harmony.

JPEOPLE magazine
No.16 article

Blue Canvas
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Guns and Religion
oil on panel, 60 x 48 inches
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Jeff Koons Lives Here
oil on panel, 48 x 30 inches
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The Funeral
oil on panel, 48 x 48 inches
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oil on panel, 24 x 30 inches
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oil on panel, 18 x 24 inches
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