Konrad Winter is an Austrian painter working in lush, iridescent colors, a Modern Impressionist, a “Master of dazzling colors”.

Born in 1963, and currently working in Salzburg, Austria, Mr. Winter has been exhibited widely in Europe, at international fairs (including Art Cologne, Cologne Artfair, art Bodensee), and
S. Korea;  we are proud to present his work as his exclusive US representative. Winter’s “Camouflaged Landscapes” are based on photographs, tourist brochures and postcards. From a distance a realistic image is perceptible. However, when moving closer, the image dissolves into patches of color, into painting. This transition from perceptibility into abstraction poses questions about the content of the painting and its perception.

Konrad has responded to the global economic situation by concentrating more on our socioeconomic world, resulting in his “Camouflaged Prosperity” series. The choice of materials used – automotive lacquer on aluminum – refers to the conflict between naturalness and artificiality, the view of the ambivalence between paradise and reality, thus questioning the two extremes: superfluous wealth and poverty.



1963 Born in Salzburg

1984 Salzburg Commerce Award

1986 – 93 Studio in Cologne

1987 Georg-Trakl-Award for Art

1989 Painting Symposium Werfen
Slavi-Soucek-Award for Graphic

since 1990 Teacher International Summer Akademy for Arts

1992 Scholarship Cité des Arts, Paris

since 1994 Lecturer University Mozarteum Salzburg

1997 Scholarship City of Frankfurt

since 2000 Lecturer Advertising-Design-Akademy Salzburg

2004 1. Prize Competition University Clinic Freiburg


Getarnte Innenleben / A-380
Camouflaged Inner Life / A-380
Automotive Paint on Aluminum
32.5 x 46"
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Getarnte Wohlstand / Obdachloser
Camouflaged Wealth / Homeless
Automotive Paint on Aluminum
31.5 x 39.3"

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Getarnte Innenleben / Hyatt
Camouflaged Inner Life / Hyatt
Automotive Paint on Aluminum
32.5 x 46.5"
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Getarnte Alpen / Skifahrer

Camouflaged Alps / Skier
Automotive Paint on Aluminum
39.5 x 47.25"
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