An exhibition of works by 8 contemporary Korean-born artists: painters, sculptors and photographers. This exhibition hopes to highlight how contemporary Korean artists are exploring and bringing into play a wide diversity of new materials bound together by the use of time-established and more innovative techniques. Readily apparent is a culture exhibiting a proficiency of execution, a particular finesse and dexterity with material, a thoughtfulness about artistic concerns, and a preoccupation with detail.

Minkyu Lee (ceramics)
A published, award-winning artist whose work has been shown both nationally and internationally, Mr. Lee is also Assistant Professor of Art-Ceramics for University of Wisconsin.  His works deal with recurrence and repetition  - not only in our own lives but in the rest of the natural world, expressed in repetitive geometric forms.

Hyunsung Cho (glass)
Mr. Cho is an award-winning artist whose work has been shown both nationally and internationally. He has been blowing glass for 16 years, starting in his native Korea, and now in the US, where he is considered a fast-rising star. His works are a process in recording the journey of his daily life; the images are from photos, used to remember where he was, and what memories that object recalled:

 “The shape of ‘Before it's too late’ is from a post box on the street. I saw the post box on my way to home, and I was thinking about my parents in Korea.”

Sangsik Hong (straws)
Mr. Hong lives outside of Seoul, where he teaches secondary school art, and sculpts wonderful creations from a humble material – drinking straws.

His work connects iconic images (such as lush, slightly-parted lips) and symbolic meanings (sex, desire) with the human desire for power, contrasted by the basic material he employs.

Heechan Kim (wood/mixed media)
Heechan Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, and now works in NYC. His interest in materials led him to study wood; by eliminating the limitations of making fully functional objects, his works explore the human desire that wants to keep one’s individuality and, at the same time, wish to be in a community or group.

JongSeok Yoon (paint)
Living and working in Seoul, Yoon’s meticulous paintings reference the personalities we project based on the clothing we wear; sometimes exaggerating, sometimes camouflaging… but always telling.

Koh Sang Woo (photography)
Woo, born in Korea and now working in NYC, produces photographs which he considers 4D work; as he meticulously paints and choreographs his models, the resulting works are records of time as well as image.  The large-scale works challenge fundamental views on beauty, and amplify emotion.

Collaboration with W Magazine Korea

Mikyoung Jung (glass / mixed media)
Born in Korea and working both from her homeland and the US, Mikyoung’s work encompasses many different cultures, both Eastern and Western, and is inspired by the events, landscapes and encounters as seen through eyes of a stranger.  This concept of contemporary ‘Nomadism’ explores the creative process through the ‘journaling’ of her past nomadic experiences to seek new creative approaches within the discourse of glass art.

Sungsoo Kim (glass)
Mr. Kim was born in Korea, and now lives and works in the US. His artistic process concerns recycling, specifically the reuse of Styrofoam packaging materials to create art: “I think that one of the artist's most important roles is to reveal the hidden value inherent within a particular object. By framing the object in a new way, I hope to challenge viewers to rethink the value of everyday objects and encourage them to find aesthetic pleasure in the most seemingly mundane places”.

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